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September News

I have one word for you “STRAWBERRIES”. The fruit that will have nothing less than to share a pallet with chocolate and cream is on. There are a number of little strawberry patches around the garden and one big patch strategically positioned near the sand pit. The trick is to set the kids free to play in the sand while you stand close by supervising. Each time they look away reach down and remove a little bundle of vitamin C and eat. If you’re inclined to share with the kid(s) then that’s OK too. Or just try and get them excited about the snow peas.

The next Working Bee is Sun 30 Sept. Come and enjoy the most bountiful time of year in the garden. 10am start – lunchtime finish.

Wood Fired Oven & Outdoor Kitchen Workshop

The start of next school term will see the start of a wood fired oven workshop. One day a week (probably Thursday) will see about 15 participants and a landscape architect converge on Fig Tree to learn about building a wood fired oven and in the process build one for the garden. If you would like to participate email back or phone Deb Peek on 4927 3184 and register your interest.


Beanstalk Organic Food Coop are hosting a talk at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club. Dr. Maarten Stapper is an ex CSIRO Scientist and an expert in agriculture and GM foods. Put Oct 13th in your calendars and get along to learn where agribusiness is taking us with GM foods. A flyer is attached.

Here chick… chick… chick… chicky

9 Families became the surrogate parents of 20 chirpy chicks at the last working bee. The feedback is great so far. The chicks are getting lots of cuddles (I think that’s good) kids are getting a feel for the growth and change in a young animal and parents are getting the perfect pet (a temporary one). If you are one of the families that took the chicks home or you know one of the families that adopted the chicks, the spare food is now located at Kerry and Dans in Tighes Hill. If you need some food phone 4940 ****.

The chicks were about 4 days old going into their temporary accommodation and they will be about 6 weeks old when they enter their permanent home at Fig Tree. When that happens we will work out a ro(o)ster with garden members to ensure chickens are fed and watered and eggs are collected. If you want to be on the roster let us know with an email.

Friends of Fig Tree

If you were on the hunt for work you would have seen the position advertised in the Newcastle Herald or possibly on the Fig Tree Website for a Project Coordinator for Friends of Fig Tree (FoF). FoF is a program targeting youth at risk and others who are looking to be productive with their time. The project Coordinator will be guiding these people through the process of generating income streams for the Fig Tree Community Garden. Everything from bottling and selling worm wee, to plant propagation to an eco carwash. Applications closed on 14 Sept. Watch this space.

Happy Spring,


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