Come and garden with us.

Everyone is welcome to come and explore the garden, play in the cubby or pick something to eat. Everyone is invited to help.

The garden is always open, though as we often have items stolen and dumped in the garden, it is best to turn up to an organised event initially so that we can meet each other (and introduce you to the vigilant guardians of the Croatian Club!)

Please visit the Wickham Croatian Sports Club and sign up for a social membership before participating in any garden activities.

We’d love to have you come along to one of our gardening sessions. These happen every Friday from 10 and every first Sunday of the month from 9-1. Feel free to just drop in and say hello, stay for as long or as little as you like.

We have established a list of regular jobs: How to be Helpful: Our Humble Everyday Jobs,

We encourage the garden as an experimental space for just giving things a go. If you have an idea you’d like to drive, bring a proposal to one of our planning meetings.

If you don’t have time to come and smell the flowers, but like what you see, you can donate to the garden.

Bring your food scraps

You are welcome to bring scrap food for the chickens, worms or compost.
We do not accept moldy, rotten or smelly food for any of these purposes. We can help you set up a bokashi bucket so that your food gets pre-fermented, instead of crossing to a hell dimension. Just ask.

Vacant Positions

Composter Extraordinaire – 2hrs per week, paid.

Grounds and Maintenance – 7hrs per week, Mutual Obligation volunteer work

Plant Propagation – 7hrs per week, Mutual Obligation volunteer work