Mission, Objectives & Philosophy

Our Mission

Bring a diverse group of Newcastle’s inner west residents together in a beautiful community garden to, provide social opportunities, education and to grow and distribute healthy food on a neighbourhood scale.


  • To increase the skills and resilience of our community.
  • To improve the physical and mental health our community.
  • To reduce wastage of food, water and petrol transportation in our community.
  • To create a beautiful habitat for ourselves and wildlife.


We seek to help maintain Croatian Wickham Sports Club as a much loved community asset and cultural meeting place for the Croatian community and other Newcastle residents. To help with their mission to run cultural events that build resilience and community connections.

We acknowledge Pambalong Clan of the Awabakal People on whose land we work, honour indigenous ways of teaching and advocate for reconciliation.

All people should feel like they belong regardless of age, wealth or culture. We make our communications accessible by using multiple channels like email, SMS, social media, and in-real-life (posters, flyers and signage) using the locations to target diverse groups. Language should be accessible.

To welcome new people and foster feelings of belonging, we introduce ourselves to any new arrivals at the garden, even if we feel new ourselves.

Meet up regularly and predictably.

Conserve all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of all products, packaging, and materials, without burning them, and without discharges to land, water or air that threaten the environment or human health.

Have our needs fulfilled by the local community, primarily and help fulfill theirs in return.

Challenge common methods if they are out of line with our objectives.

Be financially sustainable and allow for economically diverse participation to reduce the effects of wealth division.

Good Work Code

We adhere to the Good Work Code as outlined by Palek Shah.

  • Safety: Good work does not allow for us to wonder at the start of the shift if we will be unharmed by the end. Everyone deserves to be safe at work, always.
  • Stability and Flexibility: Good work is made possible when we are not anxious about meeting life demands, whether it’s making an unexpected doctors appointment or making enough money to pay the bills. We are all at our best when our schedules allow us to balance work and life with a stable- but flexible- schedule.
  • Transparency: Good work means being transparent about requirements, performance and the rules. when everyone knows how things work, everything works better.
  • Shared prosperity: Good work rewards all of us. Workers are the engine powering the platform, and when the platform thrives, they should thrive too.
  • A livable wage: Good work provides a living. That’s why we work- to live. Everyone needs fair pay and benefits to make a living.
  • Inclusion and input: Good work recognises that our value extends beyond performing a task. Platforms are more successful when we are heard, respected and valued as part of the team.
  • Support and Connection: We all work better when we don’t feel isolated and alone. Good work supports us to adapt and manage in a rapidly changing environment and economy.
  • Growth and development: Good work provides opportunity for the most fundamental human need: to grow. Everyone wants to grow and learn at work as they do in other areas of their life.

This document was developed with the help of a visioning meeting: Vision, Mission & Aim 2020. I used this guide to turn the findings of the meeting into this document.