Things to do in August

Seeds to and seedlings to plant directly

Seed climbing beans, dwarf beans, cape gooseberry. Seedlings to plant out include: coriander, beetroot, sunflower,

Plant in punnets

These things do best when planted in punnets or trays… growing things from seed requires a lot of attention so if you’re new, you’re jumping in the deep end here, but you can plant things like beetroot, capsicum, carrots, celery, chilies, chives, coriander, cucumber, eggplant, leeks, lettuce, luffa, potato, pumpkin, silver-beet, zucchini.

Chicken house upgrade

We need to build some laying boxes and perches in the existing chicken shed. The needs to accommodate more chickens (somewhere between 7 and 30).


June Working Bee Plan

Come and join in for some gardening on Sunday 4th June at 9am.

Any of the empty crop circles can be composted and replanted out with the following.

  • Cabbage – plant seedlings
  • Garlic – plant cloves
  • Lettuce, beetroot, onion – plant out seeds or seedlings
  • Radish, Snow Peas (also Sugar Peas, Mangetout, Chinese Peas) – sow seeds

Let us know if you can source some seeds or seedlings.

Concrete extravaganza

We need to concrete in some posts for

  • bocce fence
  • chicken gate
  • dragon fruit stands

Mucho Mulch Moving

We have a bunch of mulch and a bunch of cardboard, so we can get busy sheet mulching!


April Working Bee

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Website Reactivated

For some obscure reason this website was offline for a while but has now been reactivated. The Garden continues to grow thanks to a very small but dedicated group of volunteers. We are also pleased to have groups from Life Without Barriers, Mai-wel and Richmond PRA as part of the gardening community.

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Fig Tree is still operating

For those people out there who have not visited the Garden in the past 12 months it is still growing but with a slightly altered structure.

The Garden is now maintained by a small but dedicated and hardworking group of volunteers who give of their own time and money to ensure that the Garden continues to be an asset to the Wickham Croatian Sports Club on whose land it operates.

Those wishing to join the Figtree Community Garden Association must be financial members of the Club.

The email address for contacting the Garden is


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Christmas Gathering

Instead of an official meeting on 23rd December 2012 we will be having a social gathering of members at 1pm. All members and their families are welcome to attend and please bring a plate to share.

Hope you can join us!

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Fathers Day

Our next Get together and Working Bee is on Sunday 2nd September from 10am. It is also Father’s Day so there will be a free Bacon and Egg Sandwich at 11 for all the Dad’s.

Come along and see what is happening in the Garden as the new but enthusiastic Committee strives to meet the needs of our Gardeners and the Croatian Club.