2024 Garden Roadmap

A list of the things we are all interested in accomplishing this year. If there is anything you would like to add, please mention it to the coordinator to add here.

Women’s / Medicine garden

Location TBA, speak to Baz or Ali for detials

  • chamomile
  • aloe vera
  • lavender
  • raspberry leaf
  • elder flower (pot)
  • holy basil
  • lemon balm
  • mullein
  • eccinacea

Finish sheet mulching and path

Keep extending the mulched area to eradicate couch grass and weeds from the garden. Mark out and extend the granite path.


Finish enclosing the roof of the chicken coop and assemble the automatic door .

  • drill set
  • fence clips
  • wire cutter

Crocodile Pond

Weed the pond area and surrounds. Store the stones in pots. Make 2-3 lowest-point container ponds covered with galvanized mesh. Seal extended watershed area with kitty litter or gley. Speak to Maria about this.

Grow stuff for the harbour blockade

Plant out herbs or veggies in time for the peoples blockade in November

Remove Rubbish and hazards

Self explanitory… but we could do with some self haul vouchers if anyone can spare one, apply here.