Water Wisdom Workshops

These workshops are a place for us to come together and share stories about water in a time when our environment is changing faster than ever. We will take time to reflect on the significance of water in our lives and take a brave look into extreme events of our past and potentials for out future.

Hand Made Clay Ollas

You are invited to make your own olla, an ancient and extremely efficient irrigation technique which will be a vessel for delivering moisture to the soil as it is needed, and a vessel for your memories, experience and wisdom.

Conservation Culture

Beyond shortening our showers, we will share the daily rituals and strategies that strengthen our appreciation for water and our commitment to pushing system changes.

Design Patterns

We will share established solutions for making the most of the water that flows through our lives. We will get into the sandpit, sculpt out a model landscape and experiment with how water flows and merges in it’s rush to get back to the sea- and play with how it can be manipulated for our benefit.