Garden Related Grants

A list of grants that are available to organisations such as ours.


Love Water, Hunter Water

February (& October?), $10,000.

  • Boost community groups and organisations to identify and solve water conservation issues through practical solutions and projects
  • Inspire local schools, community groups and other organisations to undertake activities which tackle local environmental issues, to help protect and enhance our natural environment
  • Enhance liveability, diversity, inclusion and innovation in our community

We have received this grant in 2023 and previously so did Fig Tree community garden.

Love water grant info

Newcastle Permanent

There is no set minimum or maximum grant limit. However, grants
generally range from $20,000 to $200,000. The average grant size is

Projects that provide improved health outcomes for the most disadvantaged, isolated, and vulnerable in our community by:

  • Using new technology to deliver improved health services to regional areas
  • Improving health awareness and resources in regional communities and disadvantaged groups
  • Supporting good mental health in regional communities
  • Focus on key health issues for regional communities.

Projects that provide improved life outcomes for marginalised and at-risk young people in our community by:

  • Providing early intervention initiatives for childhood education, development, and well-being
  • Facilitating remediation, development, and mentoring for disadvantaged and disengaged youth
  • Supporting youth mental health in regional communities.

Projects that provide improved social wellbeing for the most disadvantaged or marginalised in our community by:

  • Assisting socially disadvantaged people in our community to build new skills
  • Facilitating socially marginalised and isolated groups to build social connections
  • Helping communities build resilience through social infrastructure, connectedness, and healthy lifestyle.


Australia Post

July, $10,000

  • Support mental health awareness and early intervention to help people understand how to stay mentally well
  • Increase opportunity for individuals to experience meaningful connections that enhance mental wellbeing 
  • Help people access mental health support activities at a local level 

Youth Action Project Grant Scheme 

Grants between $5,000 and $20,000 (a total of up to $950K inc. GST) to projects that support young people (15-24 years) as they navigate and recover from the COVID-19 period.

AVID Community Sponsorship and Grants Program

This program aims to offer a range of grants (up to $10,000) each designed to help communities prosper, with a focus on promoting local growth and regional sustainability. It offers a range of sponsorship and grants every year across Australia.

Environmental Trust Grants (Many listed)