Garden Related Grants

A list of grants that are available to organisations such as ours.

Australia Post

July, $10,000

  • Support mental health awareness and early intervention to help people understand how to stay mentally well
  • Increase opportunity for individuals to experience meaningful connections that enhance mental wellbeing 
  • Help people access mental health support activities at a local level 

Love Water, Hunter Water

February (& October?), $10,000.

  • Boost community groups and organisations to identify and solve water conservation issues through practical solutions and projects
  • Inspire local schools, community groups and other organisations to undertake activities which tackle local environmental issues, to help protect and enhance our natural environment
  • Enhance liveability, diversity, inclusion and innovation in our community

Love water grant info

Youth Action Project Grant Scheme 

Grants between $5,000 and $20,000 (a total of up to $950K inc. GST) to projects that support young people (15-24 years) as they navigate and recover from the COVID-19 period.

AVID Community Sponsorship and Grants Program

This program aims to offer a range of grants (up to $10,000) each designed to help communities prosper, with a focus on promoting local growth and regional sustainability. It offers a range of sponsorship and grants every year across Australia.

Environmental Trust Grants (Many listed)