Things to do in August

Some projects you can get stuck into at the working bee or any other time, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Erect dragon fruit stand

This will need some spanners and a drill set. The bolts are just inside the shed on the plastic drawers.

Dragon fruit stand (post with square frame on top)

Prune Citrus Trees

Secateurs required (2 sets in shed). If you have experience pruning trees, or you are willing to do some research or shadow someone who knows how, there are plenty of citrus in need of a prune as winter ends. These can also be weeded in preparation for composting an mulching.

Complete the sand pit

The sand pit just needs the last two edges attached to it. This will require:

  • A saw
  • Drill set
  • Some decking screws

Organise the seed library

There is a new little cabinet in the shed for seeds, feel free to come up with some sort of organisational system for the seeds! May require some pens, cards or ziplock bags.

The Yooge

There are also all the regular jobs listed here.