Wanted – Composter Extraordinaire

 2 hours per week

Smokva is a community garden in Wickham. A loose group of about 50 locals pull together to grow as much food as possible in their neighbourhood. We have been collecting compost from a local cafe and making mountains of healthy, steaming, sweet, sweet compost for the garden- because we know that if you take care of the soil- the plants take care of themselves. Our weekly compost making routine is the heartbeat of our garden community and we are really excited that we can offer this as a paid job. Don’t worry, good compost doesn’t smell bad… and ours is the best.

The job involves creating a compost pile by mixing the correct ingredients, and turning the compost piles for aeration, so it’s a bit of a workout and you might not need to go to the gym on compost day. Other duties include rinsing and washing the buckets which come from the cafe and preparing the buckets for the next week. We breed our own beneficial bacteria to start pre-composting while the food scraps are in the bucket. There will be experienced composter nearby to support you.

We will teach you everything we know about making compost so you will just need a curious mind and a willingness to do a great job. Working in a public space, it will be a bonus if you are happy to engage with members of the public and talk about what you are doing. It will be a great opportunity to meet a range of community members with varying backgrounds.

We have published a bit about our philosophy, here

Pay rate

Please send a cover letter and resume to coordinator@smokva.garden

Until we fill this position, anyone can nominate to fill this role on a week by week basis. Please let the coordinator know that you intend to do the composting by the night before. As we have people volunteering for this role as well, please just communicate to the others helping that you’d like to claim the payment so there is no feeling of injustice. You will need to log every session you wish to be paid for by following these instructions.