Together again

With COVID restrictions being lifted almost completely and our regions vaccination rates at 87.7%, we are now allowed to meet again in the garden with care. We have had two productive Fridays and a Sunday back.

Freddy and I disassembled and re-assembled the compost bins around behind the glasshouse. They are now arranged in a row for easier shoveling. The are wide spaces around them to allow the local birds of prey easy access to any rodents or roaches making their way in and out of the heaps. Collection from Momo has resumed, so these piles should be heating up as you read this! Alistair was back on the fork.

Hywel and Lee removed and relocated a heap of jade trees to the carpark, which has made the car park look nicer and allowed for unobstructed chicken viewing. The chickens have been incredibly popular and we’ve seen a huge increase in foot traffic through the garden.

Torry planted out a whole lotta tomato plants with marigolds in between. The idea is that the marigolds will deter root-knot nematodes.

Phil and Andrew made a start on fixing the bocce fence and will continue soon with more tools and fixings.

Pete did an epic job trimming the lawns (as usual) and Lee was on the mower. Kate also tried her hand at mowing and now has a new appreciation for her beautiful grass free garden at home.

A large pile of granite has arrived so we can get started on making a pathway through the garden any time now.

We are trialing a open finance system that will allow any of you to check out the garden’s budget at any point in time