Seeking Ceramicist

We are looking for a ceramicist to help us plan our olla workshops. The final aim of our project is to run community workshops where participants can make a clay olla to donate to the garden.

Our research has determined that the best way to do this is to make a set of moulds that participants can use to make two half ollas and combine them.
If possible we would pit fire the ollas on site to reduce transportation and the financial/environmental cost of kiln firing.

Unglazed terracotta pot with cap.

We will apply for grant funding to cover the cost of research, experimentation, documentation and training of garden volunteers to replicate moulds and run the workshops. There is the opportunity for the ceramicist to stay on board to facilitate the workshops which will be a paid role but will also involve sharing water wastage/conservation stories.

If you are interested, please provide an estimate of your costs including materials for moulds and test firings by Wed 9th March. We also welcome questions, suggestions and collaborations.