Current projects

Chicken house upgrade

We need to build some laying boxes and perches in the existing chicken shed. The needs to accommodate more chickens (somewhere between 7 and 30).

Granite path

A pathway has been marked out for a path that runs through the garden. The process will be to wet and put lime down on this space before covering with cardboard and then 5cm of granite. There should be 30cm of extra cardboard protruding out from the path so that our mulch can overlap. all the grass areas in the garden will be mulched. We may re introduce a no-mow or low mow variety in the future.

Prepare sign

Scrape the flaky paint off the sign. Use a sheet to catch paint flakes. Prime the sign for painting.

Compost bay reshuffle *complete*

The compost bays need to be relocated in a straight line behind the glass house. There are some pavers laid out in a pad that need to be stacked against the fence.

Sleeper gateway

Make an entrance gateway using the old sleepers, like this.

Making crop circles

Continue to make cropping circles following in the exsisting style. Circles can be placed anywhere, leaving room for walking in between and leaving room for the pathway. Circles are 2.4m diameter (more or less). There is pre-made compost and soil in a large pile, covered by shade cloth in front of the cubby house. Use a mixture of virgin soil (dry and grey) and fresh compost (black, wormy, heavenly). The shade cloth is there to protect the compost from drying out, so please re-cover it. The circles can be processed by letting the chickens turn the soil, eat old veges and do their pooping using the bamboo domes. So plant once off annual crops in the circles and plant perennials… anywhere else.

Fix bocce fence

Please get in touch if fixing fences is your thing.

Sheet mulching

The aim is to eradicate cooch grass form the entire community garden, so once the cropping section is sheet mulched we can work our way in to the northern “Food Forrest” section.