November News

G’day Gardener,
Looks like the garden is getting over the change of season blues. It could be the little bit of rain we’ve been getting, it could be the yummy fertiliser that the new worm farm is producing, or it could be the mysterious biodynamic preparation (500) that Paul West brought back from his travels. Whatever it is tomatoes, eggplants, cucurbits, pumpkins, melons and loads of basil have reclaimed the garden. If these summer veges appeal to you then get down to the garden and pick some – any day or night of the week. Or if you like things a little structured….

Working Bee 26 November

For slightly more adult themes like composting, mosaicing, propagation and painting, perhaps the Sunday working bee is more your style. There will be ankle biters dressed like superheros, but the serious hardworking adults will contain their ankle biting powers. Bring your food scraps and grass clippings to this one for some compost action. 10am start followed by the lunchtime BBQ.

Play Group Mayhem

Thursday 23 November

Come down for a day of mini worm farms, treasure hunts, colouring in, a free BBQ…..and gardening! The kids club house will surely get a work out on this day.
The fun goes from 9.30 to 11.30am. The day is open to families with children 0-6 years.
Details are in the What’s on section of the website.


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