January News

G’day Gardener,

A new year and a new world of opportunity at Fig Tree.

Food Lovers Friday Frolic, 5pm EVERY Friday

That’s right – every Friday afternoon from 5pm there is a social garden gathering with a little bit of planting, a little bit of weeding, a lot of discussion about what vegetarian delight will the garden offer for the evenings fair, a moderate amount of harvesting and then some creative kitchen work as the gardeners write their own recipe book with wooden spoon in hand. This vego’s verbiage will develop slowly over the year, but rest assured it will be on every week thanks to Iron Chef – Graham. For those looking to turn the earth, explore taste buds and catch up on a regular basis please come along.

Working Bee 10am Sun 28 Jan

The mammoth mosaic will be moved to it’s final resting place. The faint at heart can potter in the garden and look the other way. Should be interesting.

Projects for the garden and the garden community are sprouting up quicker than seeds (and seeds do sprout quick in the hot house). If you would like to immerse yourself in something big in the arenas of art, cooking, design, construction, education or even plain old gardening, then check out the Fig Tree Coordination Board next time your at the garden. It will help you find out about certain projects and who is doing them. It will also help you initiate that idea you’ve been thinking about – you know, the one with the velcro suit, the trampoline and the padded room.

See you when I’m looking at you,


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