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February News

Howdy Gardener,

Some exciting things underway at the garden. Many hands lifted, pulled and pushed the mega mosaic into place at the last working bee. Some tiles were left behind, but all in all I think it qualifies as a success. Still some work to do on it but check it out in the middle of the path.

At the moment Anthony and the work for the dole crew are putting together a geodesic dome chook pen and the sound garden. The first piece in the sound garden is finished and I’m sure you’ll hear the results this Sunday at the working bee.

The Friday Food Lovers Frolic has started out slowly with as many as 7 and as few as 1 person turning up for the weekly gardening and vege feast. Graham is the mainstay for these little forays. In the cooler months they will start earlier but for now it’s a 5pm kick-off.

An Environmental Studies Student from the Newcastle Uni is moving in to the garden for their major study – it will involve waste, yabbies, fish, worms, chickens and compost. The student will be helping to implement the waste processing program funded by Newcastle City Council under the Small Environment Grants 06/07.

The Connect Links to Learning kids start up again on 27 Feb. These are youth at risk of not finishing year 10. If they walk away and still don’t finish year 10 at least they will know where food comes from. Megan Fenwick and myself will be there from 10.30 most Tuesdays during school term. All visitors most welcome.

Bill Robinson has started drawing various groups to the site again with his TAFE group due to visit in a couple of weeks. Play groups, schools and community groups are welcome down at the garden so if you are part of or know of a group that would like to visit, let us know and we will arrange for some garden members to host.

We will hopefully see the KU preschool kids wandering over soon as things start to cool down.

Other individuals deserving a mention include Kerry Robson – the master of the Web site – who is keeping it up to date and ensuring it remains the excellent promotional and educational tool for the garden. That’s www.figtree.org.au

Kelly Rae who frequents the garden through the week is a nursery woman from way back, hence, is responsible for raising many of the seedlings in the hot house. Kelly has also put her hand up to write a grant app or two. Thanks Kelly.

Remember we value your food scraps so if you don’t want them, bring them down and put them in the giant worm farm. If you want to go a step further, collect your neighbours food waste as well.

Hope to see you down there for the working bee Sunday 25 Feb from 10am.


PS. The record for the youngest member to join the community garden has just been set by Miss Tully Jae Manhood born 04/02/07.

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