Chat Groups

This is the main and most easy way to communicate with everyone from the garden. You’re probably tired of having a different messaging app for every person you know, but we’re using the the wonderful, not-for-profit, end-to-end encrypted Signal messaging app. Which you can get here: Desktop Android iOS

Please familiarise yourself with the THINK acronym to help things go smoothly!

If you receive a complaint about the way you are communicating, please revisit and reconsider these points. The rare and avoidable instance of a second complaint will result in removal from the group.

T: Is it True?

Is this fact or is it really an opinion or feeling? Know and be clear before you speak.

H: Is it Helpful?

Does it help you or them or the situation? Could someone misinterpret what I am saying?

I: Is it Inspiring?

Does it improve the silence? Is this there a more thoughtful way of saying it?

N: Is it Necessary?

Would this be better left unsaid? Is it adding to the noise? Is it worth 25+ people checking their phones for?

K: Is it Kind?

What is your motivation for communicating? Am I saying this from a place of anger? Am I being respectful?

The groups

Please join and post to the groups that are relevant to what you are discussing. Every time you send a little message, it takes up a little time of everyone in the chat, so in total, far more time is spent reading than writing! If the message is intended for one person, send it to that one person only.

General information, news and notice of events and changes. This is a low trafic group.

All garden related business. Medium traffic.

For sharing interesting things, events, socialising and general garden chit chat. Highest traffic.