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April News

Six people turned up at the garden on the rain soaked last Sunday of March – all of them thinking, “No one will be there, I’ll turn up just in case”. While the BBQ was canned, we all decided it was too good an opportunity to plant and so we did – raincoat or not. Nothing like rainy day planting to ensure a bumper crop.

Speaking of which, basil, chillies, corm, green leafy stuff, chillies and eggplants are ready to go now. Please drop in and reap some rewards. Join the hordes that are anxiously waiting for the first crop of passionfruit to change colour. If you don’t feal you’ve earned the right to harvest, just remember that a persons shadow is the best fertiliser for a garden, so anytime spent there deserves some reward.

If you would like to work or play in the garden in your own time please do. We have some guidance on the wall in the info room or go to about us.

Working Bee Sun 29 April

It is the perfect time of year to put trees into the native hedge and bushfood gardens in the park. If planting trees is not exciting enough there are plenty of other things to do, like play chess, play music in the sound garden, chat, plant seeds, spread compost or gravel or make a salad for lunch. 10am start to BBQ lunch.

Green Drinks

Green Drinks last month saw about 20 enviro thinkers turn up for BBQ and tour of the garden. All went away a little more inspired and there was talk of similar events in the future.

New Raised Beds

Recent discussions with a special needs group has prompted the construction of some more raised garden beds. Anthony and the crew are onto this, building beds between the chook run and Bocce Court. This area will eventually be the international companion garden, where we learn how plants from different continents find companionship. Spot the analogy.

Kids Arvo

There has been a little bit of interest from families who would like to visit the garden after school hours but would like to do so with other families. To get the ball rolling – can those interested in hooking up with other parent/ children teams write back and let me know what afternoon suits you. It’s NOT a commitment to a regular day, just identifying opportunities.

Annual General Eating

Sunday 27 May is earmarked for the Fig Tree A.G.E. On this day we will sit and eat gorgeous food. This eating will give us the brainpower to discuss important things that should be discussed at an A.G.E. There will be an agenda, there will be voting, there will be planning and there will be games. Lock it into your calendars.