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Fig Tree Stuff

Hi Gardener,

Autumn is an awesome season – it’s up there with spring. People reemerge from their conditioned hibernation, evaporation slows, and rain increases. This means good things for Fig Tree. It means food grows and people pull couch out….maybe. If you are going to pull couch out it is best to use a pitch fork and loosen the roots deep underground before working the grass out with careful but firm persuasion. If I sound slightly obsessed with this weed it’s because I am (it’s personal).
Moving on, heaps of cappo’s, eggplants, basil, some tomatoes, beautiful lettuce and the odd rock melon or pumpkins are there for the picking. If couch doesn’t interest you, you might like to plant some seeds in the hot house, spread some compost, or splash some water around.

Seniors Week Event Fri 26 March 10am-1pm

This Friday will be a great day for the seasoned gardener. It is a Senior’s week activity and there will be lots of seniors. There will also be wood fired pizza, kindly funded by Council. If you are a senior or you will one day be a senior you are welcome to attend. If you fall in the latter category, you will have to go to the end of the line when waiting for your pizza. There will be some hands on activities that may be of interest if pizza doesn’t float your boat.

Working Bee Sun 28 March 10am-lunch

The Committee is focused. We have been planning and strategizing about how to take Fig Tree into the next decade and it all starts at this working bee. Apart from slaying couch, planting passion fruit and planting trees, we will be weeding a bocce court so that we can prepare to grow more herbs to increase our local trade with restaurants like Three Bean in Hamilton and Barios in Mayfield. Followed by – you guessed it – wood fired pizza.
Community Kitchen Fri 9 April
BYO food and cook with wood. Our Committee meeting precedes the cook up so if you want to join in or just see how a highly focused band of garden organizers functions you can sit in.

Speaking of organized, the Fig tree Committee recently had a strategy meeting facilitated by that charismatic Irishman Rhyall Gordon who took time in lei .from his real job to get us thinking about what Fig Tree needs to do. He did extraordinarily well at harnessing the brain power of 9 people to help to take Fig tree into the future. Rhyall you are tops.

Everyone who gave up their day to lend their brains to the process are also tops – that’s Jenny Cameron, Bill Robo, Alex (Greek man), Victoria Phillis, Trish Young, Kristy Grainger, Jo Plummer and Shaun Hobson. I’m comforted with these people at the Fig Tree helm. You will see and hear about the outcomes in the coming months. If you have ideas for the site that need to be heard then don’t be shy, Fig Tree is where ideas are born every day.

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