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August News

G’day Gardener,

Here comes spring. With a flood soaked ground and a good sense of humus Fig tree is about to explode into life. In fact the working bee approaching on Sunday 26 August is 2 days out from a full moon/ lunar eclipse and the computer says plant seeds!!!!! Summer seeds that is: corn, beans, cucumbers, zucchinis, squash. We will have plenty of these ready to go straight in the garden.

Passion for Poultry?

This working bee heralds the beginning of Fig Tree’s poultry party. No we’re not eating chickens – we’re raising them. In fact, on Sunday there will be 20 four-day-old chicks farmed out to 10 surrogate families for 6-8 weeks before they make their entry into the poultry palace at Fig Tree.

In the first instance the chicks will go to families with young kids and who are regulars at the garden. A few families have already expressed an interest. If you cant make it to the working bee but would like to be a surrogate family let us know with an email and we’ll see if we can keep a couple aside for you. If you miss out at this working bee, we will work out a rotating system.

All chicks come with food, resources and instructions. All you need is a bedside lamp with a +75 watt globe.

Web stuff

Kerry has been busy with the website. Under “Getting Involved” you can find 2 pdf’s of a promotional flier for the garden. Feel free to print some off, pass on to friends or post one up on a café wall.
Kerry also wants your recipes, particularly if they involve food from the garden. Just email the recipes to us and Kerry will post it up. No great detail – just tell it like it is.

Continual Harvest

Speaking of food, get down to the garden and go to town on the broccoli. It’s mostly small stuff now, but the small flower heads (brocolini) is tops! The best part is, that because of its size there are no grubs on it and the more you pick it the more it produces. There is also plenty of spinach, Italian parsley, coriander, more lettuce than you can poke a celery stick at, snow peas and occasional tomato and asparagus stalk. Pick pick pick!

Outdoor kitchen & Pizza Oven

The pizza oven plans are gaining momentum. It is a technical project so we will be enlisting the help of TAFE to run a series of workshops. If you would like to learn or instruct in the fields of making a concrete slab, bricklaying or building a pizza oven, let us know.

Happy planting!!!

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